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IGCSE stands for “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”. It is equivalent to the GCSE qualification which is taken by students in Year 10 – 11 in the UK to prepare them for further pre-university level study, such as A-levels.

Who can take IGCSE?

Who do not want to continue the Myanmar high school, they can start attending from Grade 8 which is equivalent with Secondary 1. After completing Secondary 1 to 3, they can take IGCSE class. After that they can apply to private local universities or international universities. Who want to take the exam should be aged 16 and above.

Which exam board is better for IGCSE?

Many students feedback about Cambridge that designs its exams to be free of the kind of cultural assumptions and Anglo-centric references that may well be present in standard GCSE and A level exams. Edexcel is more concentrated and focused on the UK meaning they structure their exams and set the difficulty in a way which is compliant to the UK system.
Both exam boards are well known and accepted by the whole world universities and colleges.

Programs durations:

Sec 1-3 : 10 month
IGCSE : fast track 6 month/ standard 10-11 month

How can I take class?

  • Online (or)
  • Face to face

Students can choose which is suitable for them.

Individual Care:

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