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About us

Founded in May 2004, as Government registered organization. We have contributed to student’s professional and personal development and had partnership with prestigious oversea universities and institutions.

Our Mission

Encourage the students to have qualification that will have equip them with skills. Create student-centered service with the personal attention. Dedicate mutual understanding to the business partners.

Our Vision

To have national and international significance. Dedicate mutual understanding to the business partners.

Prospective students

How to get the acceptance letter from university?

Grace Education Service can help your goals to be accepted by the university and studying at a top rank university.

Don’t know where to start?

Our experienced counselors can help to find the best school/college/university to fit your individual needs. Choose from 100+ programs at 150 + partner universities around the world!

Here are a few steps to start for your further studies.


Book for Meeting appointment and check the college/uni list


Once you get the information and decide to apply, click Apply Now, fill form and upload your documents.


Get the acceptance letter


Apply student visa with GES


Start your journey

Here are a few steps to start for your further studies.


Book for Zoom Meeting appointment and check the college/uni list Sample:


Go to the “Request information form” and ask. ( If you want to know the college/uni information )


Once you get the information and decide to apply, click the Apply Now button, fill application form and upload your documents.


Get the acceptance letter


Apply student visa with GES


Start your journey


Yes, you can still apply to US colleges if you are over 18. ( Note: Check eligibility for individual college. )
Yes, if you can apply as a transfer student.
Yes, you have a chance to apply but high ranking universities ask one of the result.
If your academic result is high; if you have working experience; if you do community activities; if you have recommendation letters; then you can apply.
There is no cost to apply school/ college/ uni if we link. If not link in the list, you need to pay service fees.
Most universities require school transcripts in English ( if not, notarized ), proof of high school completion (or) degree graduation, passport and other documents. Grace Education Service will help you with all the needed documents.


Why choose Grace Education

Find and filter the best students

Promote your university

Many students visit daily to find their dream university and program. That’s a great opportunity to get relevant brand exposure.
Find and filter the best students1

Find and filter the best students

We’ll only match you with high-quality students who meet your admissions criteria, so you’ll spend less time vetting applications.
Trusted around the globe

Trusted around the globe

We are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading colleges and Universities. Over 150 institutions in 18 countries are already extending their global reach with GES. Why waiting for?


We attract, advise and enroll international students, all in one place. We’ll provide quality students so you can get to know your prospective students better.

We want you grow with us.

Do your best to help students as much as possible to fulfill their dreams. Agencies interested in working with Grace Education Service should complete a letter of interest and a Questionnaire form. For additional information click here

The mission of GES is to help students from around the world in continuing their desire education in their interest country. We assist with admission to secondary schools, short-term Study Abroad, English language, Pathway, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level university degree programs. GES is able to provide these services directly with the students, recognized agencies representing them, and a school / university partners located across the world.
Interested agencies should contact GES and ask to be considered as a partner organization. After a review process, if approved, GES will provide the agency with access to all the necessary information they need for assisting students in their applications to GES member universities. GES currently has agency partners in over 18 countries and new agencies are constantly being evaluated for potential partnerships.
Compensation is always available to agency partners. Grace Education is able to offer agencies compensation based on a scale that is explained during the agency review process.
GES works under a written agreement with each partner agency. Giving training including academic preparation, level of English language proficiency, funding issues, and available academic programs of study.


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